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Lunch Buddies

Lunch Buddies

Lunch Buddy volunteers are matched with a student at the elementary school level. You will meet once a week during that child’s lunch time to eat, talk, play games, and form a one-on-one relationship. The only in-person contact takes place at school. We are in need of volunteers at all of the schools we serve, county-wide. Lunch Buddies works amazingly well in addressing the needs of the children served. Call us today at 920-458-0111 to volunteer!

Lunch Buddies Plus

Lunch Buddies Plus (LB+) is a hybrid program designed to accommodate the repeated requests from Lunch Buddy volunteers to have more contact with their assigned student/Lunch Buddy (Little Brother or Sister). Lunch Buddies matches are only allowed to see their student/Lunch Buddy on school grounds during school hours. LB+ volunteers may see their assigned child away from school and are viewed as “community-based” volunteers, by the BBBS agency, as a result.

To become a LB+ volunteer, one must first be a Lunch Buddy and establish the relationship with the child. The mentor must then request (with the BBBS agency’s supervising Case Manager) the change in match status. If the Case Manager approves, he/she will approach the parent/guardian and child who each MUST approve the change in status of the child. If approval is secured from all parties additional screening, including a home visit of the volunteer’s home, is a requirement. If the parent/guardian and/or child does not approve, the agency is unable to accommodate the requested change.

With the change in status, the LB+ volunteer is expected to see their Little Brother or Sister approximately once per month outside of the school environment while maintaining the weekly in-school contact during the school year. This also affords the volunteer to take advantage of agency activities and ticket offers. Lunch Buddies interested in a change of status to LB+ should start by having a discussion with their Case Manager.