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Mentor Mania

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School is back in session making it a great time to wrestle up some mentors. There are scores of really good people that need only to be asked. In an effort to attract more quality mentors, we are (with the financial backing of a good friend) turning this into a fun contest. We need mentors and are not beyond bribing you to get them!

Contest runs from September 30 through December 15, 2016

Contest Rules (points are awarded to the recruiting/existing mentor)

  • Each referral must be communicated to the office (458-0111 or Info@bbbssc.org) along with the name of the person who referred them
  • Each referral name is worth 5 points
  • Each name that completes an application is worth an additional 50 points
  • Each name that completes an interview is worth an additional 100 points
  • Each name that completes an application, interview and becomes a mentor is worth an additional 1,000 points
  • A $10 Chamber Cash award is paid for each completed application

Prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring participants:

Help us spread the word about Mentor Mania by downloading THIS FLYER and posting it for all to see!